Yasna Farhud Darou Company 

Yana Farhud Darou Company 

 established in: 11/12/2019

A limited company

 National Code: 14008831853

Reg. No.: 551418

First Goal

Synthesis of low volume & high value (LVHV) active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and knowledge-based research activities in order to manufacture key intermediates and active components of specific pharmaceutical products at the first phase.

Second Goal

Manufacturing of finished dosage form (FDF) of low volume high value (LVHV) medicinal products as well as manufacturing orphan drugs.

We offer our solutions and Intellectual Property (IP). Despite the fact that we have infrastructures like an empty manufacturing site with official permits for establishment of a factory, we are eager to join a team of investors to take our steps in a developed country where we can enjoy the stability of the economy. Besides, having a manufacturing plant in a well-developed country will let us acquire world class Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This will let our products to enter all international markets.

  • We offer our IP to investors wishing to manufacture the most advanced LVHV and orphan drugs of the decade.
  • We are sure that by manufacturing our formulations, we can conquer the pharmaceutical markets in the world.
  • It is worth saying that because of the very small scale of manufacturing, the plant we need is much smaller than the conventional pharmaceutical sites.

Our Shareholders and Members of the Board


Chairman & Shareholder

PhD Candidate of Organic Chemistry


Board Member & Shareholder

Full Professor of Organic Chemistry


Board Member & Shareholder

Post Doctorate of Organic Chemistry

Inventions and Permits